I am a South West London photographer, largely hobbyist enjoying it for the love of photography.  I take on volunteer (including charitable) and paid for assignments.
I am one of the original creators of Eye on Streatham link here, part of the Streatham Festival that delivers creative events for photographers of all levels of ability.  I'm really keen to learn from others, including established photographers and those that are new to the field and have new, interesting insights and vision.  Supporting other photographers to learn along the way (in a fun and hopefully interesting way) is also one of my passions.
I don't have a single discipline in photography that I am wedded to, instead enjoying all types including portrait, landscape, travel, architecture, nature to name a few.  As a person that loves engaging with others, the one field that gives me more of a buzz is event photography as it is often challenging, fast moving, needs you to think on your feet and consider the changing circumstances to make sure you're in the right place at the right time. 
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